5 Safety Devices to Consider Purchasing - When Living Alone

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Whether you’re heading to college for the first time, moving to a new city, or realizing roommates aren’t for you, living on your own for the first time is an exciting and nerve-racking experience.

In this article, we have created a list of personal safety devices and gadgets designed to put your mind at ease.

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most effective and widely used defense products in the market. It is the best non-lethal safety device for civilian use. Pepper spray is a chemical mixture that hurts the eye, mouth, and throat that will temporarily delineates an attacker.

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POM pepper spray is packed with safety, performance, and design. These self-defense pepper sprays use a nitrogen-based propellant and patented flip-top design that ensures a ‘ready-to-fire’ state. They come in three different models, Clip, Key, and Snap. These pepper sprays are highly recommended by elite trainers across the country and seamlessly integrate into your daily life as a go-to self-defense item for women.

You can also order one for yourself from Amazon and take charge of your personal safety.

2. Safety Torch with Shock Effect

Another safety measure can be a dual-purpose safety torch. This rechargeable LED torch with a shock effect can be a savior for women stuck in a challenging situation. The device comes with a hidden high voltage current that can shock a person badly when focused by its light. Hence it is a must-have as a personal safety device for women as it helps eradicate the deterrent instantly.

3. Self-Defense Safety Ring

A self-defense ring is a small device for personal safety, but it adds confidence and helps you stay ready for a difficult situation. The ring can be worn when you are outdoors and comes with a sharp-pointed tip, and can easily hit hard to the attacker. These rings can even help break thick glasses in an unforeseen difficult situation.

4. Personal Alarm Wristlet With Whistle

Nothing spooks an assaulter than a loud, deafening sound at the crime site. With its handy size, WHISTLE must be carried by all women as a personal safety device. Whenever you are attacked or in danger, pull away the pin attached, and an SOS sound at very high decibels will surely help you get instant attention and scare the attacker. It also comes with an inbuilt LED light and never leaves you alone in the dark.

5. SAFER Pendant

For women fond of accessorizing and going out for work and other reasons, this Pendant by SAFER is a huge relief for their safety. This not-so-normal pretty jewelry item comes with an inbuilt mechanism that informs your guardian instantly when you tap it under any threat or difficult situation. Because of the access to your GPS location through this device, your family/friends can instantly reach you for help and rescue you. A perfect modern-day device, this pendant is indeed a must-have item.

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With its 40 years of experience, POM Industries brings forth a powerful range of well-designed and manufactured aerosol personal defense products. Since we understand that when it is a matter of your safety, we cannot leave it to chance, hence, these self-defense pepper sprays are created using the latest technologies to offer our customers the best non-lethal defense products. These products are safe, efficient, and simple to use. You may choose a self-defense pepper spray by visiting our store and upgrading your self-defense kit.