Essential Bike Safety Tips for National Bike Month

Essential Bike Safety Tips for National Bike Month

National Bike Month is a great opportunity to enjoy cycling as a recreational activity if you’re a professional cyclist or if you’re using a bike for the first time. However, nothing fun can be done without having to worry about safety on the roads which are essential for travel.

At POM Industries, we do support cycling as one of the enjoyable, healthy exercises, and that even involves delivering a smooth cycling journey. So, gear up and get ready to roll with these essential bike safety tips!

Tip #1

Be Noticed, Be Safe

Essential Bike Safety Tips

Visibility is essential for bicycle safety, especially when riding around cars and other vehicles. Daytime riding requires the use of a white headlamp and a flashing red taillamp. Some of the measures include wearing reflective materials, especially at night, during dusk, and in other dark periods of the day As an additional thought, it is wise to include reflective stickers on the frame of the bicycle and your helmet. To recap, the more exposed you are, the less vulnerable you are in the middle of the road in the event of an accident.

Tip #2

Gear Up for Protection

Gearup protection tips while biking

Wear a helmet properly to keep you protected just in case you get involved in a fall. When choosing a helmet, make sure that it complies with safety requirements and is comfortable to wear. Buy a pair of cycling gloves – that is, gloves specially made for cycling to help you get a better grip on the bar, as well as your fingers in case of a fall or crash.

Tip #3

Know the Rules of the Road

Know the Rules of the Road to Stay safe while biking

However, bicycles are also a subtype of vehicles, and they are expected to adhere to traffic rules and regulations to the same extent as cars. Stop signs and red light signals should be treated in the same way as you’d do while operating a car. It is recommended to weave through traffic, signaling your turns logically with lots of time to spare. Learn acceptable hand signals for turning and stopping. It also shows some amount of respect to fellow motorists, as well as ensuring that everyone on the road is safe.

Tip #4

Mind the Road Conditions

Essential Bike Safety Tips

Be aware of road hazards like potholes, uneven surfaces, and debris. Scan the road ahead and avoid riding too close to parked cars where doors might open unexpectedly. During rainy weather, exercise extra caution as braking distances increase significantly on wet roads.

Tip #5

Be Predictable

Essential Bike Safety Tips

Ride in a straight line and avoid weaving in and out of traffic. Signal your intentions well in advance of turns and lane changes. This allows motorists to anticipate your movements and react accordingly.

POM Pepper Spray: An Extra Layer of Security

While following these bike safety tips significantly reduces your risk on the road, unexpected situations can arise. Carrying a pepper spray provides an extra layer of security for cyclists.

Essential Bike Safety Tips for National Bike Month


POM pepper spray is compact and lightweight, easily clipping onto your backpack or fitting comfortably in a pocket. Our patented flip-top design prevents accidental discharge, offering peace of mind while remaining readily accessible.

POM pepper spray delivers a powerful stream formulated with maximum-strength OC spray, a natural ingredient that effectively deters attackers.

Remember, pepper spray is a self-defense tool to be used as a last resort, but having it readily available can provide valuable reassurance during your ride.

National Bike Month is all about celebrating the freedom and health benefits of cycling. Following these essential bike safety tips and considering POM pepper spray as a self-defense tool can ensure your rides are enjoyable and safe. So, get out there, explore your surroundings, and feel the wind in your hair – responsibly!

An Extra Tip

“Plan your route beforehand, opting for bike lanes or quieter side streets whenever possible. Let someone know your planned route and estimated return time, especially for longer rides.”

Final Thoughts

By following these essential bike safety tips and incorporating the importance of POM Industries pepper spray, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable National Bike Month (and beyond!). 

Remember, cycling is a fantastic way to stay active, explore new places, and connect with nature. You can turn every ride into a memorable adventure by prioritizing safety and being prepared.

Happy National Bike Month!