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Pepper Spray, Best Self Defense Product to Carry

POM's New Pocket-Sized Pepper Spray

Our new pocket-sized pepper spray is for you if you want to carry pepper spray but need it to be compact and portable. Don't be deceived by its diminutive stature. It still has a lot of power. 

Moving, aiming, and using the smallest spraying device known to man is simple, and an enemy is easy. It can be concealed in a backpack or carried in a pocket so that you are ready to protect yourself in a crisis.

Here are responses to some frequently asked questions regarding our carry-on pepper spray:

How Does it Harm a Person?

OC pepper spray produces respiratory difficulty, coughing, blurred vision, and a severe burning sensation on the skin when fired at an assailant. A UV dye that leaves a persistent deposit to aid inquiry and identification is also emitted.

How Would you Employ It?

It incorporates safety features to prevent accidental discharge and is simple to operate. Take hold of the grips, press both buttons, and fire. A safety element to help prevent unintentional discharge is the dual-button mechanism. You can practice using it before inserting your pepper spray cartridge because it also comes with a water cartridge.

POM Pepper Spray Models that are Easy to Carry

POM Pepper Spray - Clip

POM Pepper Spray Clip Model - POM Industries

The POM Clip: For everyday usage, tactically designed, small and effortless to carry into any pocket, handbag, or backpack. The ambidextrous clip rotates to carry with either your left or right hand. Note that this device is not keychain compatible.

The POM Patented Flip-Top design enables the device to be in both the "safety" and "ready-to-fire" states at all times, making it the ideal size for covert carry. HLPC testing and a formulation of maximum strength (1.40% M.C.) deliver consistent heat performance.

Elite trainers all over the nation acknowledge this self-defense spray as the best on the market since it is secure, precise, and simple to use. POM blends seamlessly into your daily life.