Back to School Special - College Edition

POM OC Pepper Spray By POM Industries

You’re officially a young adult -  Before flying the coop for the first time, let's discuss safety tactics and defense options that can help put your mind at ease. 
In this article we will be discussing simple, yet effective, self-defense options you can carry and use.

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most effective and widely used defense products in the market. It is the best non-lethal safety device for civilian use. Perfect for college students away from home for the first time, carrying pepper spray can provide peace of mind and an extra layer of safety when adjusting to a new environment. It is important to educate yourself on how and when to use pepper spray and can only be purchased and carried by adults 18+.


POM pepper spray - POM Industries

If you are interested in purchasing pepper spray, explore POM Pepper spray pack collections. The Pepper Spray Combo Pack is one of the most popular collections. It comes with either the POM Clip and Key or the POM Snap and Clip. One can be carried as a pocket clip or attached to a running accessory and the other can be attached to your keychain. It is the perfect back-to-school gift for your child.

2. Tactical Pencil/Pen

You might not be aware that a pencil could also work as a self-defense tool. It is one that is underestimated, but a very effective self-defense product. When used correctly, this handy product can temporarily injure an attacker.

3. Tactical Flashlights

Equip yourself with a compact and lightweight self-defense device called tactical flashlights. They not only help us in a blackout but can also be an effective tool against attackers. These flashlights produce enough light to dazzle and disorient the attacker, depriving them of sight temporarily. But how are tactical flashlights different from regular ordinary flashlights? Here are some of the features that make them the real king of flashlights:

  • They are more durable and made from sturdy materials
  • Produces bright light
  • Have longer battery life
  • It could work effectively in daylight also
  • Can be of great help in emergencies

4. Pocket Knife

A self-defense pocket knife is compact and can be carried anywhere easily. Apart from the use as a self-defense tool, a pocket knife can also be used for other everyday life purposes. A small foldable knife is convenient, effective, and practical in everyday use. A license is not needed to carry it.

5. Blow Whistle

A self-defense blow whistle is a simple yet effective tool to alert the area.  It will draw the people's attention to your kid, and they will know that your child is in an alarming situation. Moreover, it can be worn around the neck and be within reach in seconds. However, choose a whistle with high decibel power for more effective use.

More about POM Industries

With 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing non-lethal aerosol defense products at POM Industries, we are committed to providing superior quality products. Designed with a modern approach and up-to-date technology, our Pepper sprays are made for maximum strength formulation with HLPC testing to provide consistent heat performance. Click here to shop pepper spray to add to your kid’s self-defense products collection.