Best Safety Tips for Walking Alone at Night

Best Safety Tips for Walking Alone at Night - POM Pepper Spray

‘All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking’- Friedrich Nietzsche

Besides physical health, walking has a great impact on our mental health. It helps our minds to sweat out the stress, get clarity and achieve the required focus. Hence, it is advised to indulge in any kind of physical activity whenever you get besieged by a chaotic storm of thought. And since walking is the most convenient activity, it is always preferred by many. Moreover, not just in any stressful situation, people take walking as a hobby for it refreshes the mind and soul. Daytime or nighttime, you can go for a refreshing walk whenever you want; the choice is entirely yours. 

During day time, it is not as concerned worthy as at nighttime for obvious safety reasons. But these concerns should not compel you to deter from your favorite routine.

In this blog, we are discussing some of the best safety tips for walking alone at night. Let’s read further. 

  • Always keep someone informed of your whereabouts.

Informing your location and the fact that you’re walking alone at night is always advised. You create a safety net by informing somebody trustworthy and close to you. It makes you more approachable in case you need help.

  • Keep your mobile phone with you.

Keeping a communication enabler tool improves chances of getting quick help in situations where you’d need somebody’s intervention to ensure your safety. 

  • Try not to go to a lonely place/ secluded place.

Comparatively, at night time, there are fewer people outside hence the chances of mishaps increase as there’ll be fewer people around to get you help or help you instantly. And that’s why it is always advisable to stay away from secluded places or any place that feels deserted, for example, public parks. 

  • Try to avoid the unfamiliar path.

Exploring a new path, street, or place may shoot up the fountain of excitement in your heart, but at night it’s not advisable unless you’re not alone.  However, if you’re still adamant about experiencing the adventure of strolling alone, it is strongly advised to avoid unfamiliar paths, streets, etc. 

  • Keep a self-defense tool and tactics handy.

Favorable or unfavorable situations are inevitable. When it's favorable, it’s all good. However, landing in an unfavorable one is concerning. 

Turning the concerns into confidence requires good observation, better judgment, and smart reflexes. It means you should be smart enough to observe what’s going on around you, is it going to impact you in any way, and lastly, what you can do to get out of the situation. If in case you feel a need to defend yourself arises, you should have a defense tool ready and handy.

Self-defense tool that is easy to handle and convenient - POM Pepper Spray

A self-defense tool that is easy to handle and convenient to use while being sure shot effective. Always keep it in an easily approachable place like your pockets, bag, etc. which stipulates that it should be of a suitable size that can fit such small spaces. And for your ease, POM Industries have given these important requirements a tangible shape in the form of highly effective palm size easy-to-use POM pepper sprays. These are also called OC sprays; OC refers to its main constituent, oleoresin capsaicin. These OC pepper sprays contain oleoresin capsaicin in the recommended concentration that makes them top the efficacy levels. So, bring home yours today!  

  • Be aware of your surroundings, 

To judge the circumstances better, you’d need to have situational awareness, like what is going on, who you are passing by, what buildings are on the streets, whether it is a lit-up street or not, and many more. Always remember your conscience can save you in a lot of avoidable situations. So, listen to your gut. 

  • Keep your hands free.

Till now, you are advised to keep certain things with you when you step out at night. However, it is imperative to take note that these things are needed to be kept handy and not in hands. Always try to walk with nothing in hand. Even if you are taking a bag with you, select the one that is not designed as a hand-held bag. Keep your belonging in it. Again only the belongings that have nothing to do with your defense, all your defense tools, like your pepper spray or mobile, should be kept at a quick access place. 

  • Avoid taking a walk at the late hours of the night.

At last, it is important to point out that no matter how refreshing a night walk feels to you, minding the hours is crucial. Late hours or midnight walking alone at night should be avoided. However, if a case of emergency arises, following the points listed above is always advised for your safety. 

Happy Walking!