How Will POM Help You Stay Safe on Public Transportation?

How Will POM Help You Stay Safe on Public Transportation?

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life opens up doors for reconnecting with yourself and finding your purpose, for which people go for solo trips. Solo trips are considered best for many reasons. Exploring the world under your own conditions is one of them, like scheduling it as per your desire without worrying about other people’s say.

It is often said that if you want to explore a place, use public transport. It gives you an opportunity to witness not only the serene beauty of the city but also its people and their culture. However, traveling alone has some of its own concerns, like personal safety. Whether walking in quieter places or using public transport, your safety should always be your priority. Hence here are a few travel safety tips that you should follow to stay safe on public transport.

1. It's Better To Plan

The idea of wandering and exploring sounds fascinating. We agree it is, but only if you’ve your own conveyance. And if public transport is your option for conveyance, then the least you can do is plan your trip from a safety perspective. Be clear with what route you would want to follow with the budget and what you would need during the trip.

Plan to assure your safety on public transport

2. Awareness Of The Surrounding Is Crucial

It’s important to stay alert, so keep your eyes and ears open. Always keep a check on the people around you. Being aware of the people you are traveling with prepares you mentally for any uncertain situation. Enjoying the scene outside the window is good but zoning out totally is not advisable. And sleeping while on the trip is not a good idea as it withdraws your attention. you don't have to be in a hyper-alert state, but staying conscious ensures your personal safety.

3. Use Less Distraction

Traveling by public transport can sometimes be tedious, especially if it's one of your daily tasks. To avoid boredom, people are often noticed drawing themselves out of the scene. Earphones plugged ears, and spaced-out minds in the music or any device for entertainment are a common sight in public transport. Such amusing activities are good pass time. However, these are the typical distraction that makes you compromise your attentiveness. 

You don’t have to stop listening to your favorite music to pass the time instead, keeping the volume low or keeping an ear open would help you in being alert.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Gut Feeling

People communicate through their body language. These non-verbal cues give us hints of unnatural behavior. And any pattern of behavior similar to what you have experienced or heard before gives you intuition. Our intuitions are basically experiences stored in long-term memory for similar situations. Hence ignoring it is a big no. Be loyal to your gut feelings. The moment you feel something is not normal or wrong, get on alert mode.   

Try to find all the possible exits in public transport, even the unconventional ones, in case the conventional ones get blocked.

5. Be Mindful Of Communication

In public transport, you’ll get to meet a lot of people belonging to different backgrounds. It's perfectly alright to have a little conversation with them to kill boredom. However, be mindful of what you are sharing with them. Sharing information like where you are getting off, what you are going to do there, address or any such sensitive information that can be misused should always be avoided in such interactions.

6. Keep Your Palm Size Safety Weapon Handy

Keep Your Palm Size Safety Weapon Handy - POM Pepper Spray

The last but most important tip is to keep your little security guard- a pepper spray always with you. These palm-size personal safety weapons are proven safety tools among all age groups, from college-going students to golden agers. It is convenient to use and effective enough to save you from any uncertain situation.  

Talking about effectiveness, POM Industries has brought to you the most effective design empowered with modern technology pepper sprays. It is available in various models and colors. Check out POM Pepper spray and buy the one that suits your convenience.