Self-Defense Essentials to Celebrate this Independence Day with Confidence

Self-Defense Essentials to Celebrate this Independence Day with Confidence - POM Pepper Spray

The air gets charged with electric energy as the land of the United States comes alive when the faint glow lit up the horizon with the first beam of sunlight on the 4th of July every year. The resplendent celebration of independence gets marked by the vibrant hues of red, white, and blue that parade throughout the city streets. Every building proudly dons the fluttering banners overhead. 

As the sun gains height in the sky, families gather in parks and picnics, laughter and joy filling the air. The aroma of freshly baked apple pies, a quintessential symbol of American tradition, fills the air. Meanwhile, Parades march proudly, bands playing patriotic tunes. 

With hoards of people joining these eclectic moments to celebrate the Day of Independence together, the thought of encountering a mishap unwantedly popping into your head is not unusual. Roaming in the crowd does feel safer than alone. However, you never know who the crowd brings to your proximity.

To confront any instances of uncertainty, it is essential to equip yourself with both situational awareness and the self defence tools and techniques we recommend below.

Basic Self Defense Techniques

Basic Self Defense Techniques - POM Industries

Knowing basic self defense techniques is crucial for defending yourself in uncertain situations while you enjoy the day of freedom. Check out a few effective techniques below.

Hammer strike

The hammer strike is a self-defense technique where the closed fist is used to deliver a forceful downward strike to the attacker. The movement resembles the swing of a hammer. It aims to target vulnerable areas on the face, such as the nose, jaw, or temple. This move incapacitates the attacker, buying time to either escape or attract the attention of law enforcement authorities.

Groin kick

As the name suggests, this self-defense move involves a forceful strike directed at the attacker's groin area. 

This technique aims to incapacitate the assailant by targeting a vulnerable and sensitive part of their body, providing an opportunity to escape or gain the upper hand in a confrontation.

Escape from a ‘bear hug attack’

Close proximity to people around increases the chance of getting a bear hug attack. To escape a bear hug attack, quickly and forcefully stomp on the attacker's foot immediately following the groin knick move or hammer strike, as mentioned above with your elbows and fists to target vulnerable areas. 

These actions can create an opportunity to break free from the assailant's hold and ensure your freedom and safety.

Self Defense Tools

Best Self Defense Tools - POM Industries

Self defense techniques are the best ways to avert aggravation of uncertain situations. However, if not practiced well, they may not help as much as they can. And in that situation, we suggest you defend yourself with personal defense tools. 

Self defense tools are not something you don’t already know about but what about everyday essentials? Didn’t think about that, right?

Well, then, let’s introduce to you a few of these seemingly unharming everyday essentials that can be used as personal defense tools prior to the undisputedly ultimate protective tools.

Everyday Essentials: Pen

A pen can be transformed into a self-defense tool by gripping it firmly and using it as a makeshift weapon. By targeting sensitive areas such as the eyes, throat, or pressure points, a forceful strike with a pen can provide a means to defend oneself in an emergency situation.

Everyday Essentials: Key

A key, when held between your fingers, can transform into a self-defense tool. It can be used to strike an assailant's sensitive areas, such as the eyes, throat, or face, providing a means to fend off an attack and create an opportunity for escape.

Self Defense Tools: Personal Alarm

Talking about self-defense and not mentioning the renowned personal defense tool to carry while joining the celebration. 

A personal alarm can serve as a valuable self-defense tool. When activated, it emits a loud and attention-grabbing sound, which can startle and deter potential attackers. Its piercing noise can attract help, disorient the assailant, and provide a window of opportunity to escape or seek assistance.

Self Defense Tool: Pepper Spray

Pepper spray, such as POM Pepper Spray, is a highly effective self-defense tool. It releases a powerful spray that irritates the eyes, nose, and throat of an attacker, providing valuable time to escape and seek help. Its compact size and easy accessibility make it an ideal personal safety device.

Your Personal Safety Should Be Your Top Priority

While it's enjoyable to celebrate Independence Day with loved ones, it is of utmost importance to maintain awareness of your surroundings. Remaining vigilant becomes a vital responsibility to ensure your safety and well-being during such festive gatherings with friends and family. And to ensure your personal safety, being aware of all the possible self defense tools and techniques is important so that you can enjoy the fireworks that paint the night sky with sparkling trails of freedom on the 4th of July. 

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