Ready to Get Outside? Let Safety Be a Guide - POM Brand Can Help

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Are you having cabin fever? Step outdoors. Ready to take off? or, at the very least, move quickly? The moment has come to interact outside. For most of us, that entails putting on tennis shoes and exercising. Perhaps your family is expanding to include a new puppy, a new baby, and a new group of exercise-loving friends. Keep your safety in mind as you venture out into the neighborhood or to a nearby park. Let POM Brand be your safety advisor as you enjoy the great outdoors.

Safety When Walking and Running

Like the adage "you have to gain to walk before you can run," your safety is something you should always prioritize. Here are some safety recommendations for when you go outside.

  • Make it communal.
  • Obey fundamental traffic laws.

For your protection, whether outdoor walking or running, the adage "safety in numbers" is accurate. Seek your friends or neighbors to join you, or enter a local hiking or walking group. If you travel in groups, your chances of becoming a target are reduced.

Even during the day, dress in brightly colored or reflective clothing. It makes good safety sense and is not just a trend. Wearing neon clothing is in right now, and it's a good idea always to be visible.

The sidewalk conditions and traffic regulations for running or walking should be understood. Always remember that it is best to drive against the traffic flow on most routes so you can see what is approaching you. Walking or running in specified lanes within a park system can be obscure. Before setting out on foot, familiarize yourself with the correct flow.

Bring a Friend Along; Animals Count!

Best Self Defense - POM Pepper Spray

Unable to connect with any people? Bring your pet along. Muzzle Dog Repellent Pepper Spray from POM Brand is the ideal ally for you and your pet. Not all canines and people get along. Our Muzzle Dog Repellent spray is portable and can protect you from a would-be attacker, whether they are canines or people. Additionally, this spray won't hurt any animals.

Getting Your Body Ready For External Activity

Before beginning any fitness program, consult your doctor, and stretch before and after any outside activity. The health of your muscles and joints depends on stretching and warming up before exercise. Your forces operate more effectively when they are warmed up and prepared, just like the engine in a car.

Be truthful about your physical prowess and limitations. Then, match your exercise levels to your capabilities; a good rule of thumb is to "walk before you run."

A Personal Safety Device Is A Good Idea

Thanks to our assistance, you can focus on your safety options. For your outdoor needs, we provide an Outdoor Safety Kit and a Runners Safety Kit, which include personal safety equipment. Never forget that empowerment comes from preparedness and that preparation brings safety.