Safest Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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Safest Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

You have plenty of time left this year to enjoy the great outdoors! Many of us get outside in all seasons, regardless of the weather.

The best defense is a good offense', and that holds when considering your safety when heading outdoors. You should always be ready with the best personal protection devices with you because urgency can showup anywhere, even when you are enjoying a great party.

When it comes to non-lethal self-defense, pepper spray is hard to beat. And try as we might discover otherwise, there’s no denying that POM is the king of pepper sprays.

We researched the best pepper sprays to find their pros and cons. Let's check out the best one to know what to expect:

POM Pepper Spray Snap Model - POM Industries

1. POM Pepper Spray - Snap

The POM Snap is the best pepper spray for women, a one-way snap-hook constructed with our unique material that easily attaches to any keychain or lanyard connection. This style is ideal for folks who have difficulty ringing their pepper spray onto their keychains.

The POM Patented Flip-Top design allows the unit to operate in both "safety" and "ready-to-fire" modes, making it perfect for concealment. Maximum strength formulation (1.40% M.C.) provides consistent heat performance in HLPC tests.

The most popular self-defense spray on the market, recommended by top trainers around the country for its safety, accuracy, and ease of use. POM integrates in with your regular routine.

POM x On Her Own Collaboration - Two Live Pepper Spray Clip Units

2. POM x On Her Own Collaboration - Two Live Clip Units + Inert Practice Spray

POM's cutting-edge flip-top dispensing system lifts the bar in terms of performance and safety. The innovative design significantly decreases the chance of inadvertent misfires while improving firing performance.

POM's pepper spray keychain proprietary integrates effortlessly into your everyday carry, using decades of experience in the design and production of aerosol defence products.

POM is the smallest at 1/2 ounce yet a great safety keychain for women. On the market, there is a personal carrying unit. All units are made of FDA-approved Polymer, a plastic product that is free of lead, toxins, and hazardous compounds.

POM Pepper Spray Clip Model - POM Industries

3. POM Pepper Spray - Clip

The POM Clip- Our tactical and compact design effortlessly clips into any pocket, handbag, or backpack for everyday carry. The ambidextrous clip flips to allow for left or right-handed use. Please keep in mind that this item does not attach to key rings.

The POM Patented Flip-Top design lets the unit to be in both a "safety" and "ready-to-fire" mode at all times, making it the ideal size for covert carry. With HLPC testing, maximum strength formulation (1.40% M.C.) gives consistent heat performance.

The go-to self-defense spray on the market, recognized by expert trainers around the country as safe, accurate, and simple to use. POM blends seamlessly into your daily life.

Your Takeaway

Pepper spray is a potent chemical that contains capsaicin, also known as Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), a cayenne pepper derivative. It causes momentary blindness and an agonizing burning sensation in the eyes and mouth, rendering assailants immobile and enabling a safe escape. Visit our website for more choices!