The Pepper Spray Guide - What They Are, How To Use, And Where To Buy Them?

The Pepper Spray Guide - What They Are, How To Use, And Where To Buy Them?
Uncertain times never knock at your door before coming. So being prepared is always a better option. For your safety, what could be the best defense tool that is effective, uncomplicated, affordable, and easy to handle? The answer is pepper spray- a palm-size defense tool that protects you in even life-threatening scenarios.

What Is Pepper Spray?

A pepper spray is a tool for personal defense against assailants. It is an aerosol spray that contains oil as an active ingredient called oleoresin capsicum (OC). This oil comes from pepper plants. 
The higher oleoresin capsicum concentrations in Oc sprays makes them effective in potentially threatening situations. This oil contains a compound, capsaicin which is the key component of the OC sprays. It is a non-lethal irritant that causes a burning sensation to the tissue that comes into contact. That is what makes pepper spray an ultimate tool of defense.

Effect of Pepper Spray on Physical Health

Pepper spray has severe effects on the human body ranging from a burning sensation to inflammation. However, the effectiveness depends on the concentration of OC and its proximity of it to the person when sprayed. The effects start to appear instantly and last for a significant time. Below are some commonly known effects of OC pepper spray on parts of the human body.


When it comes into contact with the eyes, it causes an excruciating burning sensation, excessive tears, and even temporary blindness in some cases.


Redness and tingling sensations are commonly reported effects but can also cause blistering in severe cases.

Nasal Passage:

When it comes in contact with mucous of the nose results in an excruciating experience and a burning sensation leading to uncontrolled coughing and sneezing, effects can become even more severe for people with respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, etc.


If it goes into the mouth, it results in a somewhat well-known experience for all those who savor spicy food. However, in the case of OC sprays, the experience is less savory and more vicious. It can cause throat inflammation, nausea, stinging sensation in the mouth, and even vomiting in case of ingestion.

Due to the effects mentioned above, it is extremely important to use and keep it carefully. Hence keep it out of reach of children.

How To Use Pepper Spray?

Using OC pepper spray is the most simple task. A simple task you do before you go out is applying your favorite body spray. Only in this case you need to do the opposite. OC spray is to be sprayed on the other person aiming at the face, if possible, the eye of the person. You still need to keep a few things in mind for your safety while using it, and here are those-

  • Stretch your hands to keep the bottle at a safe distance from yourself while spraying.
  • The proximity of the bottle to the assailant should be enough.
  • Use a tight grip while holding the bottle, and use your thumb to push down the top and fire. It ensures the attacker doesn’t grab or snatch it away from you.
  • Lastly, continuously spray so the assailant must not get the opportunity to run at you.

Always keep your pepper spray handy. Now that you've all the important tips, it's also important to know where can you buy pepper spray for your safety.

Where To Buy Pepper Spray?

Where to buy pepper spray - POM Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are the most effective, affordable, and easy-to-use tool for personal defense. Hence it is available in almost every drugstore online or offline. To make the purchasing experience less inconvenient, you can always buy pepper spray online.

Now the question comes about what to look for when buying pepper sprays. The answer is simple, like its usage. You should look for a bottle designed for your safety and-

  • It should have a flip top that ensures safety and quick-fire
  • A stream spray pattern that reaches a maximum distance
  • It should have excellent-quality content in it. Check Scoville heat units (indicates the amount of capsaicin present in it)
  • More capacity for content for continuous spray
  • Most importantly, it should be easy to use and easy to hold

For buying a pepper spray, you can create a checklist for all the points mentioned above or can shop from POM Industries, which has experience of over 40 years of industry and achieved excellence in designing and manufacturing aerosol defense products. It has developed an improved POM pepper spray that is safer, high performing, and designed to offer the most modern and powerful non-lethal defense product.